Welcome to the Lytham Community Choir

where music and community join together in harmony!

At Lytham Community Choir, we’re all about making music and having a blast. Our friendly choir gathers for around 35 weeks each year, and we welcome folks of all ages and backgrounds to join us for a delightful musical journey. Here at Lytham Community Choir, we believe in the power of music to bring joy to everyone.

Our rehearsals are a lively 2-hour affair, complete with invigorating warm-up exercises to get those vocal chords and spirits soaring.

And if you’d like to know more about us, here are some interesting tidbits:

🌟 We started this amazing journey back in 2012 and have raised over £100,000 for local charities.

🎶 With nearly 200 members, we’re a thriving and dynamic community of music lovers, but always welcoming new members (especially men).

🌟 We’ve graced the main stage at the Lytham Festival alongside the incredible Alfie Boe and had the privilege of sharing the stage with Britain’s Got Talent finalist Jonathan Antoine during his UK tour. Recently we have joined with Tenors Unlimited at Lowther Pavilion as a part of their UK tour and Russel Watson at Lytham Festivals Wonderhall event.

🎶 You might have even caught us on a Prime Time National Lottery advert! We regularly spread our musical magic at various venues in and around Lytham and The Fylde Coast, including Lytham Hall and the Lowther Pavilion.

Join us at Lytham Community Choir, where the love of music and the warmth of our community are in perfect harmony. We can’t wait to make music and memories with you! 🎤🎼💫

Why not join us?

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    From Vision to Vocals

    The vibrant Lytham Community was brought to life by the remarkable Cath Powell, a recipient of the esteemed MBE honor. Cath fondly recalls her inspiration: “While watching the heartwarming choir journey on TV with the talented Gareth Malone, a thought sparked in my mind: could we create something just as beautiful right here in Lytham?”

    Fueling her vision, Cath posted an electrifying message on Facebook and graced the pages of our local press. The response was nothing short of astonishing—300 passionate souls gathered at our inaugural rehearsal, and that’s how the Lytham Community Choir found its resounding voice.

    But this isn’t just any choir; it’s a catalyst for positive change. Our choir has not only enhanced the lives of countless members but also become a powerful force for good. We’ve joined hands to raise thousands of pounds for a multitude of charities and local causes, leaving a trail of kindness and harmony in our wake.

    ‘Sounded truly stunning – dynamics, balance of male/female voices, expression etc, truly professional sound. Well done all!’
    Andy Severyn

    ‘Just had a the most fantastic evening at Lowther Pavilion watching Jonathan Antoine and the Lytham Community Choir!   A highlight of the year!’
    Chris Jones

    It was originally suggested that I join Lytham C Choir for many reasons. I hadn’t sung in any group for years and was nervous as didn’t know a soul or so I thought. I was welcomed in wonderfully by everyone that first evening and hugely enjoyed it ever since having made new friends and even met one or two I knew already.
    My sister first came to our Concert with Russell Watson and so enjoyed our music she comes to most of our events now.
    As someone else has said it’s like being part of huge family. Its brilliant and everyone is so lovely and friendly.

    Being a member of this choir is wonderful, it’s a big,happy family , it’s not just the singing, it’s the friendships.
    I sang in a choir from age 11 but then that stopped and life moved on and I hadn’t sung for years when suddenly 11 years ago this choir was formed and it is the most joyful thing to be a part of. It uplifts you and its life enhancing, I’ve made so many new friends and rekindled old friendships. Graham, the musical director is brilliant as is Andrew the pianist, love, love, love being in this choir!

    I have not sung in a choir since school, but have always sung in different Amateur Dramatic and Operatic groups wherever I have lived. When a friend suggested we go along to see what it was about that first night 11 years ago I never dreamed that it would become such a large part of my life. Sadly I can no longer perform on stage in musicals but thanks to the choir I still have an outlet to make music. I have also made lots of friends across the voice types not just soprano’s! I had nearly two years out after my operations but the choir still kept in touch and assured me that when I was ready my place was still open. There is nothing quite like nailing a harmony, and when we all do it together, that’s magic! So thank you to the master magicians Graham and Andrew plus our long line of talented drummers! Don’t think Cath and Anne had any idea what sort of a monster they were creating all those years ago but I’m so thankful that they did!

    It is such a privilege to be part of this amazing community choir. Supporting local charities, developing wonderful friendships and having lots & lots of fun in the process.